Christmas Evening

One evening in Advent, it was sometime in the 90s, the Christkind Christmas decided once again to spend on earth.

Christmas Evening
It was not long been there. The way to Earth was long and difficult and he has also been committed little more, except by a few angels. This had now and look to down there, because they wrote the chronicle of the earth.
Only one made year after year on the way, that was the Santa Claus. he no longer had a lot of work, because there was very little children, who believed in him. For these children, he made a special effort, because they were his hope for peace on earth.
The Christ child was the sad tales of Santa Claus hardly believe, "he was just already a pretty old man." The Chronicle, which described the angels, he did not seem true. "These angels exaggerate but again, I want to convince myself!"

So it was that the Christ child on the morning of Christmas day landed on Earth. It was shocked by all the things it had to look at: people at the gift-buying frenzy - Christmas carols blaring from loudspeakers - tense, haunted faces - simply a mess that had never existed before.
Commenting a young woman the Christ Child listening to: "This Weihnachtsgetue bugging me, hopefully the hype is almost over!"

"That is well," thought the Christ Child. "People do just as if Christmas would be, the real Christmas feeling they no longer know."

Also in the evening in the family, it was not much better. Fast fast,
in the church. Today one has since out is but Christmas - rapidly after house, the food is getting cold - the plate is not empty yet, already whining children. They want their gifts, after all they have been long enough curious. DC - the time has come - NOW ...

The Christ child has tears in his eyes. it was not long been so sad. It had to do something to give people back real pleasure.
Since he had an idea: It was still plugging his Christmas light! By it comforted in heaven little angels that had fallen from her cloud, or donated consolation for all those who were sad. Why should this light do its effect on the earth? Quickly grabbed the Christ Child in his pocket and scattered Christmas light in every house. It forgot a single.
Suddenly there was silence everywhere. People were warm your heart. The adults wanted to first resist this feeling, because they did not know or had forgotten it. The sons, they took it immediately. For them it was the most beautiful thing they had ever experienced.

The old smiled quietly. Yes, Christmas had its magic again, that had been lost over time.

"This must never happen again," thought the Christ child and left behind a lot of precaution Christmas light on the earth, before it made back home. This particular light is burning since in each candle and brings peace and affection, but also peace and thoughtfulness into the homes and hearts of men.
"Yes, yes," Santa grunted sympathetically when he received the Christ child on his return. "You have made man the most beautiful gift of all - you gave them joy." He turned and went to his Christmas workshop.

The new score! Hero is now in our test. We can recommend the new release all football fans warmly.

Score Hero banner

Do you remember the game Score Hero Goals? Back then you could re-enact legendary goals. Now First Touch Games has released a sequel, in which you can deny several seasons with a player. In the new app you bet on the well-tried game principle that we explain to you again in this article.

Score! Hero ( APP Store Link ) is a free download and is based on the free mium principle, which was, however, implemented more than fair here. To start you select a player, I could choose between a player from Pader born or Augsburg. Correct player names do not exist here due to lack of licenses. With your player wearing one of you assigned name, you can now play it, score goals, execute free kicks and more in order to get a regular place in the team.

Overall, more than 200 levels are available. One commentator, although it speaks only in English, accompanies you through the game, but there are German subtitles. As in the predecessor, you can here by simple swiping pass the ball to other players, running a free kick swerve through a small curve or popping volley the ball in the crease. The gameplay is turn-based, after every action, there is either a short break or an automatic gameplay until you have you been fighting the lead possible sinking the ball in the net.

A good tactic is beneficial

Score Hero

You must pay attention to how your fellow players are positioned. If an example off-side, you should allude to another player. If a player, for example, in the "wrong direction", he will pass probably not get if you choose the wrong pass route. Again and again, there are other scenarios. Corner, kick, ball, kick, kick, penalty and more are in Score! Hero available. You play against teams from the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga and even yourselves in the national team.

Your player can customize it according to their own preferences. For example, are new soccer shoes ready you can select a new back number, change your appearance, and more. Pay you have in store with paper money, who earns her in the game or can optionally purchase via in-app purchase. With these certificates you can also make the way a botched pass back by rewinding their gameplay.

Score! Hero provides energy system

Furthermore, is available an energy system. There are five life, but these are each divided into four attempts. If the ball is intercepted by the enemy, goes wide or saved by the keeper, a life is deducted.Are all levels away, you can either wait or perform an immediate charge to bills. Per In-app purchase can use their additional extras fast or continue playing directly. Score Hero Hack

The freemium model is really solved here very fair. Who plays deliberately making as few errors, can really play long with 20 life. I have played in my test almost 3 seasons, without having to take latency into account. All progress is then trimmed by iCloud, also leaderboards in Game Center can be viewed.The graphics are very impressive, the control is more than intuitive and very praiseworthy.

Not only recommended for football fans

Score! Hero has been released just in time for the start of the 1. Bundesliga. Anyone who wants to get in the mood now to the really great Download score should! install Hero on iPhone and iPad. Score! Hero is 93.5 MB and is a free download.

Score! Hero

  • Control - 10/10
  • Graphics - 8/10
  • Sound - 8/10
  • Game - 9/10
  • Price / performance - 10/10


Score! Hero is addictive. Once you start to play on the grass, will go on and achieve more and more spectacular goals. The free download is designed fair despite freemium model and a recommendation. Better have the developer only small details, such as lack of umlauts in the German subtitles.

Moving to a new and improved workplace or having your own work station at home is an awesome achievement. The idea of filling your space with new office supplies and furniture is very exciting for most people. For some, a new place means a fresh start or a new beginning. However, how do you move on? This is one question that some people find difficult to answer. What will you do with all the used office furniture near me that you have? Should you dispose them immediately even if some are still usable and functioning well? Definitely, the answer is no.

used office

Used office furniture can actually be sold, at least those that can still be used. One way is to sell them online. There are a lot of websites right now that serve as platform for buying and selling. By simply taking a picture of the furniture and uploading it online, buyers can view them and eventually buy your goods. To make sure that you attract customers, you should also write a brief description of the furniture with all the necessary details including your contact information. By doing this, you can reach a lot of customers who would be willing to transact with you.

If you are looking for a quick and simple way to sell used office furniture, you may also sell them through a retailer. They usually negotiate faster and are easy to communicate with. In less than 24 hours, it is highly probable that the furniture will be sold. It’s not difficult to find a retailer. Since it is already an established business, you may easily look for them online. You will definitely find one in your locality. What’s good about this is that you can personally negotiate with the retailer as opposed to speaking to a buyer online. By choosing retailers as your platform, convenience and stress-free selling is guaranteed.

Another way to sell used office furniture is to conduct a garage sale event. This means that you can sell them in the comforts of your own home. This method is very hassle-free. You will just label the furniture with their names and prices and they are ready to be sold in a minute. Although you will not be able to reach a lot of people, holding a garage sale in front of your house can still attract a wide audience. You may ask for the help of your friends and neighbours to spread the word to adjacent communities.

Lastly, there are also second-hand shops and consignment stores who accept used furniture. They are also great venues to sell your furniture because the people are trustworthy. By careful examination, they will be able to identify and tell you the appropriate price for the furniture.

Whatever way you choose to go, one thing is for certain: you will profit from your old furniture. So, the next time you think about disposing your old stuff, think again. Your garbage can turn into gold if you follow these simple methods.

Clash Royale is still a phenomenon , even before its release would make official, he had already generated a sea of expectation and thousands of searches to clinch the coveted title using some other security hole. As expected, the game already released both IOS and Android , Clash Royale is surmounting the most downloaded apps lists as once did (and still does ) his brother game Clash of Clans. With game play and a new world before us does well to always have a bunch of tips, guides and what we call tricks for Clash Royale  for those first steps do not cost us much. In fact, in the own Facebook page game usually share this kind of tips for players , especially, the new- not go so blindly.

If you've played Clash of Clans, more or less you have its own strategy that you can replicate in Clash Royale, as soldiers are practically the same. However, as many users have not experienced fever Clash of Clans and are "blind", so we believe that will be useful the following tricks Clash Royale to go taking a run.

Clash Royale main tricks, tips and resources to consider

Planting the essential bases that we all should know or yes, Clash Royale is an action title / RTS and our mission is to destroy enemy - usually the central tower menores- protected by two towers, deploying our units (cards) in our half of the field. With this in mind, we know that it is not necessary to destroy all minor demolish towers and when one can introduce soldiers in the second half of the field . Therefore, we should keep some soldiers to when you get this -within time as possible- and thus have faster access to the central tower.

Mazo SUV

Clash Royale (1)

We have a wide range of soldiers, each of a type that requires a cost elixir. In the description of the soldiers, see if you can attack ground units, air or both; this must be taken into account and thus generate a balanced deck that assures us that we can attack all lands within our elixir available. Nor we should blind us choosing only those that require more thinking elixir directly in the attack, but we will no soldiers and defenseless when they most need. Consider including spells like fireballs or arrows and guns (or similar) that may act as defenses for our towers.

Defeating Prince

Clash Royale

Prince is one of the letters gives more headaches because their ataquesafectan x2 and based ventilates us well, but we can always get our way thanks to your accountant.Basically, when the Prince appears in the field, we deploy near him a weak unit , then entertain him with an army of skeletons, for example, until exhausted your time. The issue goes through prevent us remove our strongest soldiers.

Continues to play despite not having slots for chests

Clash Royale (2)

When we win, we get treasures of different types that are stored in some slots. If we have all slots filled, maybe you think it is not worth to play, but the truth is yes because even if we do not win more treasures, continue to level up which will give us access to more Arenas, new cards and turn , better chests. Remember that we can also get complete achievements made gems.

For More Information about Clash Royale you can also visit